AMX-10M, how to make it work?

A case mate gun-launched atgm tank destroyer without the advantage of usual atgm carriers (launch tube is the highest point of the vehicle) and doesn’t have any armor. Your stabilized 20mm gets taken out of action if a single crew member dies, and there goes your only defense against planes. I have done around 35 games purely with it and got a k/d of 1. Sniping doesn’t seem to work because of lack of gun depression and passive play style. And being aggressive leads to enemies easily outflanking you because you are a case mate. The question I’m asking here is how the hell do you play this?


You hope to get a map that isn’t urban, or small, or a clutter hell, or a MOBA style lane map.

Like the BTR-80A, it’s the kind of vehicle that are nice to have in game, but they’re not meant to be played in a competitive manner.


You aren’t supposed to play it. It’s for collection purpose only.