AMPV Light Vehicle

AMPV Armoured Multipurpose Vehicle - Army Technology
New Light Tank vehicle for German Ground force BR 10.3
. Max Speed 70 MPH (112/KMH)
. 12.7 mm machine gun (Ammo: 6400 ) (Shell Type: DM13)
. 40 mm automatic grenade launcher (Ammo: 400)

. Still Working on it

This would be a useless vehicle


Again, either use the ACTUAL suggestions section, cite ACTUAL sources and STOP MAKING SH*T UP (dm13 for a .50? Lmao)
Or just don’t post. Also get good at the game


I’m pretty sure most suggestions of his would be denied during pending stage anyway, because he already misses good sources, and there is muuuuch more that has to be added.

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