Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV-30): Replacing the USMC’s Venerable AAV

ah okay well good job I have to wait until they open it back up to suggest the stinger equipped Bradley(it is a real thing before someone says something look up the linebacker) as either its own separate vehicle or a modification to the Bradley

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Do you happen to have pictures of that version?

Here you go -


M6 Linebacker

well it looks to fill a similar combat role as the Boxer AFV so if this is planned the devs can pull a duo addition. much needed for both TT imho

from what ive read is that it was quite simple to just take off the tow launcher and put on the stingers, this is what they did as all the linebackers were turned back into TOW equipped ones around late 2006. the model of Bradley is already in game as its the M2a2

Yeah it’ll be easy addition to US TT, since all the assets are alredy present in game, probably would sit around 9.3 or higher.

this along with the Humvee with he avenger system mounted on it could add more to the US tech tree, I mean Japan has their version of the avenger why doesn’t the US have it yet

They could add M1097 Avenger aswell and put it at 9.0, But I doubt players would enjoy it. Not being able to deal with ground vehicles in at least some way sucks.
IMO only as a foldered vhicle with M247.

uh there’s an avenger variant that could fire starstreaks, that’s interesting says they replaced one of the stinger pods with starstreaks

could lock onto ground targets too, there’s also one for mistral but that was abandoned, though they were test fired on the avenger platform which fits gaijins rule on projects

Personally I hope to see both the Avenger and Linebacker. I definitely enjoy the Type 93 for capping and scouting which the Avenger would do the same plus the .50 cal.

Ehhhh its a tiny bit different, mainly just ammo stowage and the Firing ports wound need to slightly remodeled from the base M3 to be open instead of sealed

Please try to keep discussions on topic

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This would be cool, always happy to see more unique vehicles

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This would be a nice and good addition to the tree :)

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Nice suggestion. The US, along with pretty much every other nation, needs more counters to the absolutely stacked Soviet top tier lineup. How did you even make this suggestion? I still can’t make the one I’ve been looking forward to making for a long time


There is temporary freeze on all new suggestions, due to the technical difficulties of the transfer to the new forum.
This particular suggestion is just a pilot, as well as it is not new, it a repost from old forum.

Id definitely want the ATGM/Jav mod. The stinger mod would be awesome too. Being that a light tank is still more expensive than an SPAA, and the LAVAD can use Hydras, honestly, Id really like to see this before the M1128 with the ability to bring stingers in a 4 pod or the Javs

Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.