Amount of damage received when a boat runs inte ground is too high

there was a change in the amount of damage in naval arcade when a boat collides with ground. Now a boat is nearly instantly destroyed when colliding at high speed - before the change there was also damage (to the crew) but not that high. This affects all nations therefore I tagged it with Israel…


That does not have a navy in the game?

Many boats can reach speeds of 35- 60 kph. Run a car into something solid like an embankment at those speeds and see how much damage it does to it and yourself.

as there is no option to tag all navys I wanted to make clear that it affects all nations. Yes you are right the damage is not that unrealistic but in arcade mode they made a change on that a few weeks ago.

None of this is true.

The amount of damage varies by speed and still does - slam a small boat into a cliff at high speed and it will disintegrate, do it onto a beach and it’ll be stuck high and dry with likely the front hull section “black” and you won’t be able to get off the beach.

Hit a cliff with a DD and you will likely get a “red” bow section, run it aground on a beach it will get a light yellow bow section.

Moral of the story - be more careful than me and the OP and keep your boats and ships on the water!!

100-120 kph in AB, DD’s doing 70-90…


I dont see an issue. In arcade boats always died almost instantly when rammed against a solid object. Given they are also mostly made out of wood or thin aluminium and hullbreak is a thing, I dont see why a 100kph slam against a rock shouldnt be fatal

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well then my personal impression about a hypothetical change was wrong

The problem is that now they overdid it, and even a relatively slow touch will be an instakill. Sometimes just by trying slow maneuvers I often get killed by a single soft touch.
I know that the old mechanic where I could ram a rock frontally at 100 mph and not feel a thing was unrealistic… but now it’s in the opposite extreme. The damage should be much lower at slow speeds, and completely removed at very slow speeds. Now if I park next to a rock, just by trying to get out form that position I’m destroyed because I inevitably touch the rock at 2 mph, and somehow that’s enough to do more damage than a direct hit from a 50mm gun.


Yes, this is certainly a ‘thing.’ While I don’t want to protect fools who go full ahead into rocks from some sort of consequence, it is absurd that huge portions of your crew will leap overboard when you drift onto a beach at 0 kts. Sometimes, if you remain in contact, they keep leaping off your boat until you’re down to 0 crew (1).

I think it used to be worse, but it still happens. Maybe some maps, locations are bugged? Maybe the guy who just put an MG round through your boat ‘needs’ some kills, so you need to die; maybe you did ‘too well’ last game and need punishing. Who knows? But it’s so unrealistic and arbitrary it does feel like it could be some Gaijiggery-pokery just to ‘even things up.’

(1) perhaps they’d rather have a BBQ on the beach, eh?


It’s funny I past this thread off the other day as I’d had not ran into anything with small vessels in a few week not since prior to this current update but that’s has changed now.

(RB wise)

Whatever you do don’t run into the merchant ships on San Francisco at speeds north of 10kts for you’ll instantly die if your crew is low (in this case 37%), Slightly nudged the Oil Tanker with an Attack class PB (level 100 crew but not experted or ace)…

The first tap with the bow at 17kts while sliding alongside it dropped crew to 12% then the next bump along the side at 11kts it went to 6% an one more tap with the aft section at 8kts saw me instantly founder.

So yeah this thread is bloody right the damage is to much, I almost wanna go test the few landing craft in game to see if they’re effected since duh their roles were to drive up onto breaches…

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Ha ha! You know what’ll happen! Do let us know, should you manage to check before I do.

Okay I went ahead an tested the LCS(L)(3) just now in test sail & back on Golden Bay (San Francisco) Ramming the bow at 14kts takes crew from 98% to 72% then striking the side to 62%, At least it seems more tanky as it’ll take a bit to finally founder from damage (of course in a live match you’ll probably get sunk long before you founder to map objects or landmass).

I’ve come to an alarming realization, Drowned City might be a major no go zone due to this blasted bug/ over correction of damage taking from ramming.

TBH I’m surprised ramming an enemy or friendly doesn’t subject to heavy damage from this, (although if you do get killed in a ramming you can get a pretty rare kill message “destruction by ram attack” which doesn’t happen often).

from todays devblog:
“The damage model for boats when hitting terrain that previously resulted in the destruction in almost all cases has been fixed. Boats now receive damage depending on its mass and speed of the collision. cases of hull destruction from impact are still possible, but this will require a greater speed.”

So I was not so wrong…