Ammunition box (3D decoration)

Hello everyone, this is a suggestion to add various types of ammunition boxes to 3D decorative items.

The 3D decorative item feature has been added to this game for a long time, and for a realistic war game, the lack of these contents is very regrettable. Nowadays, the game has been dedicated to adding some strange decorations, but has forgotten these basic contents. So I hope developers can value these

Traditional ammunition boxes are generally made of wood. More modern ammunition boxes are now being made using plastic.

The surface of the ammunition box will be marked with basic information about the ammunition, and the color of the ammunition rack varies from country to country.

I suggest selling them through GE. These contents will be very good decorations


there are also some existing materials in the game that can be directly utilized

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will they be for putting on tanks and boats? cause those two seem about the only one mainly the tanks.

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I hope so, would be great for that