American M109: Short, Stubby... Supplemental?

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You’re probably asking yourself: “Why?”
I understand. It really makes no sense to have this when America already has the M109A1. To me, however, it’s still an American vehicle missing from the American tree.

The M109 was the first production version of the initial T196 SPG design. The T196 design was initially trialed in 1959, and was later upgraded with a diesel engine as the T196E1. This model was trialed in 1960. After two years of testing, the T196E1 was adopted as the M109 in 1962. Production of the type was short-lived, and ended in 1969. The combat history of this vehicle was short-lived as well. While it did see early use in the Vietnam War, even with favorable reports the downfall was deemed the limited range of the M126. While a new charge was developed to increase the range, the T255 (M126) using the XM119 charge, there was unacceptable damage to both the vehicle and crew in a combat environment. In 1971, the type started conversion to the M109A1, which had remedied both the range and charge issues with the much longer M185. By 1983, all M109s were re-gunned to the M185, with newly built models as the M109A1B.

The M109 self-propelled howitzer is a full-tracked, armored combat support, air transportable, diesel-powered with excellent ground mobility. The primary armament includes a 155-mm cannon and M127 mount, with firing accomplished by an M35 firing mechanism which uses cartridge-type primers. (I ripped this straight from one of the TMs)
In-game this is completely identical to that as the one in the Israeli tree, with differences only in operational equipment, camo, and ammunition.


Length - 21 ft 8 in.
Width - 10 ft 4 in.
Height w/ MG - 10 ft 1 in.
Empty Weight - 43,500 lb
Loaded Weight - 52,461 lb

Powerplant: 8V71T V-8 Engine with XTG-411-2A Transmission
Gross HP @ 2350 rpm: 405 hp
Maximum Speed (FWD/REV): 35 (governed) / 7 mph
Minimum Speed (FWD): 6 mph
Maximum grade: 60%
Side Slope: 30°
Fording Depth: 42 in.
Maximum Trench: 72 in.
Maximum Vertical Wall: 21 in.
Steer Control: Clutch Brake (1st & 2nd) / Geared Steer (3rd & 4th)

Crew: 6
Armament: 155mm M126A1
Ammunition (Conventional and ER): 28 Rounds Total
Elevation Angles: +1333 mils to -53 mils
Rate of fire: 4 rnds/min (Maximum) / 1 rnd/min (Sustained)
Secondary: M2HB
Ammunition: 500 rnds.


Weight: 95.0 lb
Filler: 14.6 lb TNT / 15.4 lb Comp B (20.48 lb TNTe)
Velocities (m/s):
1G - 207.3
2G - 236.2
3G - 275.8
4G - 317.0
5G - 374.9
3W - 269.7
4W - 313.9
5W - 373.4
6W - 461.8
7W - 562.4

Weight: 96.1 lb
Filler: 15.6 lb WP
Velocities (m/s):
[Same as M107]

Weight: 103.5 lb
Filler: 58 g M10 burst charge, 88 HEDP grenades w/ 30.5 g of Comp A5
Grenade penetration: 2.75 in
Velocities (m/s):
1G - 198.4
2G - 222.7
3G - 257.3
4G - 298.4
5G - 354.1
3W - 267.5
4W - 303.9
5W - 362.3
6W - 442.9
7W - 536.6

M549 and M549A1
Weight: 95.0 lb
Filler: 15.0 lb TNT (M549A1) / 16.0 lb Comp B (21.28 lb TNTe) (M549)
Motor Burn Duration: ~7 sec
Velocities (m/s):
7R - 560.8

Weight: 120.45 lb
Filler: 13.0 kg Pu (72,000 kg TNTe)
Velocities (m/s):
1 - 310.9
2 - 374.9
3 - 550.6

There are many other shells that can be used with the M126A1, and various fuze combinations. However these would either useless in-game or there is simply not enough information for me to use.

Other Images


TM 9-2350-217-10 (Changes 1 through 8) - M108, M109, M109A1 - 19691213 (19740812)
TM 9-2350-217-10N - M109, M109A1 - 19740925
TM 43-0001-28 - Artillery Ammunition Data Sheets - 20031027
FT 155-AH-3 - M107, M110, M116, M121, M485 - 19740830
FT 155-AK-2 - M483A1 - 19761130
FT 155-AL-1 - M549 - 19771230
FT 155-AJ-2 - XM454 - 19690529
David Doyle - M108/M109 Walk Around - 2010
Various images I found online


Agreed. I already am a fan of the Israeli tech tree, but when I saw both versions of the M109 were added to it, that made it all the better for me. (Even though I have yet to research either of them… XD) If there are both in an export country, why not have both in the native country as well? In my opinion, being able to choose between the long- and short-barreled versions of the Paladin is useful, as each fit a different playstyle and map layout. With the long-barreled version having much better ballistics, it is conducive to large maps and sniping, but what good is that in an urban environment, or when you need to make shots directly over an embankment? (Yes, I know. They are artillery pieces that were never designed for direct-fire roles as their primary purpose, but still.) But if you have access to both, you could use them interchangeably, depending on the map, or choose between the two to more closely fit your playstyle.

Besides, the short-barreled version might be especially handy if this suggestion is ever taken up. (Given the distances that would be in use here.)

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You’re probably asking yourself: “Why?”
I understand. It really makes no sense to have this when America already has the M109A1. To me, however, it’s still an American vehicle missing from the American tree.

Aside from being an American vehicle, like you said, that deserves to be in the tree, it would also be a lower BR, sitting at 6.0. There is zero reason why it wasn’t added for the US, and I’m sick of that bullshit where US doesn’t get their own equipment.

0.3 br their is no real point to be added now when that dev time can be better spent

“dev time can be better spent”…my dude, it’s a copy paste, it takes 5 minutes

Do you know how to code a vehicle into this game properly not
It would still take dev time and is very low priority

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I know enough to say that this is extremely easy to do, and should have been done the moment M109s came into the game. There is no good reason for the US not to have their own basic M109.

mate im wait for my planes to have the features they have id rather they work on more important things then giving the US a slightly worse howitzer then they already have