American 105 APFSDS requires rework

First problem: M735
105mm tungsten round
A fucking 57mm round

Mind you, these two vehicles are only seperated by a 0.7 difference in Battle rating, and the fact that a 105mm round does a similar damage to a 90mm APFSDS round on the T95E1 is laughable.
This requires massive overhaul.
In addition, the absolutely laughable amount of spall on this shell is ridiculous
Shooting a T-80 side on, yellow on ammunition, yellow on crew. Not a single major piece of damage in sight

Second issue: M774 is no where enough for a 10.3 environment
No spall, laughably bad damage (372mm at max at 10.3?)
Shot a m774 through driver’s port of T-80 (one of the most common enemies at this BR) only kills the driver, no major damage to lethality of tank.

So many more examples possible, but I just don’t get why Gaijin keeps nerfing US 10.0 lineups into the ground. IPM1 @ 11.0? 105mm gun on a MBT fighting against T-90Ms and T-72B3s T-80BVMs? Thats just ridiculous gaijin. M1 Abrams with a 9.0 shell on a 10.3 platform is such an obvious attempt to artificially nerf the performance of US tanks


It’s ridiculous that M1 is at 10.3 but not even M833,ridiculous!

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im still pissed off that the AGS is at 11.0 and no great APFSDS. like wtf? and also it’s missing the replenisher like what the stryker has.

Anyone remember when Gaijin claimed the IPM1 would totally warrant being 10.7 with M833 and it did so terribly that instead of dropping it’s BR back down they doubled down and gave it M900 instead? And as a result then had to up it to same BR as the 120mm M1A1? Pepperidge farm remembers.