AMD graphic gliches are back

Since today I got the gliches back that plaqued AMD players a couple of while ago. Those with the star-like texture beams coming from a single source of the map.


Same problem, RX 6800, driver 24.1.1

On the reports page there are already several who have reported it and apparently they have already taken note.

I leave the link for you to review and write and indicate that you have that problem.

The more people indicate that they have the problem, they will surely fix it in the next update.


Splendit! I hope it doesn’t takes as long as last time to fix this bug. I don’t want to run outdated graphic drivers for half a year…

Finally someone made a post for it
the game is next to unplayable when this happens

Any news about this?

Since it’s a Gaijin issue, they kinda released a fix for that. According to the patch notes, it was “officially” fixed with on January 25th.


But since we all know Gaijins spaghetti code, they most likely broke something else with their fix.

Do you have a screenshot of how the new glitch looks like

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No. It works at it got fixed, can confirm this.

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hi there having this proble with my Sapphire pulse RX 570 8G OC AND its running DERECTx 12


I’ve been having the same issue running the game on a mac with a radeon pro 560x, and at least for me the update had not solved the issue.