Alt-Tabbing breaks the game

I am seeing a lot more issues since the update “Air Superiority” came out. Before the update Alt-Tabbing had no effect on the game, but now it breaks the game in certain situations. Be it grass being in the air on the whole map, stretching textures and pink noise textures. What causes this? I have an RTX 3070 card, so i don’t think it’s anything on my end.

I alt+tab often and i have never seen this issue. Did you try checking the game files and/or updating gpu drivers?

I alt tab game all the time, never saw anything like that.
Please be sure to update your GPU drivers to latest available for your GPU/OS.
If that wont help, switch off any OC you did for your GPU (if you did).

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Your GPU memory texture buffer is getting corrupted (I think this one is a CRC error as 1 or bit or byte is offset for some reason).

If you have overclocked your GPU, there might be some memory over runs so default clocking will help.

BTW, @Stona_WT, Google Chrome and sometimes MS-Edge gets corrupted from alt-tabbing from WT. It is recoverable and nothing serious, but it does happen.