Alt+Tab using then crash out

I use Alt+Tab and always the game crash out randomly ones the day.I have Nvidia Gforce 3060Ti and up to day always so not me the stupid.

Graphics settings?

Alright, can you switch to english for a second to take a screenshot? It might be a bit more helpful if I knew what I was reading xD

Can I have your specs as well, just to know what kind of output you’re working with?
Might be able to give some tips once I know that as well.

Not my PC is the problem the Spagheti code is the problem.
but here Inter Core I7.11800H Nvidia Gforce 3050Ti 16GB Ram.
other games never crash only WT crash out

Then again, you’re rendering 4k, you aren’t using windowed borderless, and vsync is off

Why I need to use window borderless in 2024?

Because it’s much better with tab-switching? Why would you need fullscreen or supersampling in 2024?

Ok thanks the helping the game crashes is my bad not the game. Nice classic Gaijin forum

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No problem, I’d advise against SSAA too as it’s unneeded load for what little it does

I feel asthough this happened to me earlier on. I am an nVidia 30 series user, no idea what actually happened, but it hung hard, and I couldn’t get to the desktop to actually click the send report button or close the game.