Alpino Class, Frigate, Alpino F580

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The “Alpino” Class Frigates were designed in the mid-1960s, “Alpino and Carabiniere” constitute the second generation of Italian helicopter carrier frigates and were rightly considered, at the time of their realization, among the best units in the world in the their category and represented a qualitative leap from both an operational and technological point of view, being equipped with anti-roll stabilizing fins to allow the use of helicopters and weapons even in adverse weather conditions and they were the first high altitude unit of the Italian Navy to install the CODAG type propulsion with two Tosi-Metrovick G6 gas turbines for 15.000 hp and four Tosi QTV-320 diesel engines for a power of 16.800 HP capable of guaranteeing a speed of 29 knots, thus abandoning the propulsion to boilers that had characterized all units hitherto built. The gas turbines were engaged on the speed reducer (one per axis) and the power developed was added to that already supplied by diesel engines to allow “full force” navigation. The two units, armed with six 76/62mm cannons of the Oto Melara, and equipped with two AB204 helicopters in the AS version, the antisubmarine armament was two triple MK32 torpedo launchers for 324mm
torpedoes and a 305 “Menon” mortar launcher. mm single barrel. Electronic systems were composed; from an AN/SPS-12 aerial surveillance radar; an MM/SPS-702 surface search radar; an MM/SPN-748 navigation radar shooting direction: two Argo systems with Orion radar RTN 10X; an integrated DE 1164 sonar system (VDS and hull sensor); an integrated ECM/ESM MM/SLQ-747 system. The importance of these frigates was given by the presence of two helicopters on board as well as a theoretically high anti - aircraft firepower. Their operational task was that of discovering, locating and destroying submarines, protecting convoys and naval forces from the underwater threat, close escorting anti-submarine, anti-aircraft and anti-ship.


Crew: Officers: 19 - Second Chiefs, Sergeants and Seamen: 245

Empty weight: 2550 tons
Full load: 2689 tons

Length: 113,30 m - 106,40 m between stern and bow
Width: 13,30 m
Full Load Draft: 3,76 m

Engine System:
4 Tosi OTV-320 diesel engines
2 CODAG gas turbines, Tosi-Metrovick
2 Propellers
Power: 31800 HP
Speed: 29 knots (53,71 km/h)

4000 miles (6437 km) at 18 knots

6 Cannons 76/62 mm OTO Melara
2 Trinated rocket launcher Breda SCLAR 105 mm
1 Long Menon Anti-Submarine bomb launcher - type K 113
6 Torpedo tubes, Mark 32 or Mark 44 anti-submarine torpedoes (2 trinated implants)
2 Augusta-Bell 204 A.S. Anti-Submarine helicopters


07-Fregata Alpino



+1 6 OTO Melara…love this armament. I don’t know if you can see the helicopter on deck in the game, but even if there was no helicopter, this is the coolest ship ever!


There he is

Six OTO 76mm guns is INSANE! Gotta have it. +1

+1 this looks super fun to play, i want it

I want it at BR 4.3 so that I have a worthy opponent against SKR-7, since at BR 4.3 SKR-7 dominates.


looks like a sound bit of kit
6x 76/62 OTO Melara should give most other frigates and gun destroyers a run for their money.