Alpine Aviation Tech Tree

I’ld love to see the Swiss tech tree. Its unlike to happen, as none of the aircrafts or tanks that were used by Switzerland can be copy&paste, as all have Swissness in them ;)


I say this is a lovely idea and I love the art work too +1 from me

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Two things that are missing or I haven’t seen them

  1. The Hunter was used as ground attacker in Swiss Airforce. It hat rockets and AGM-65 Maverick
  2. Mirage III RS, although being reconnaissance, it is armed with sidewinders and cannons

From livery perspective, the Mirage III RS farewell Black&White would be great

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If you look at the DE/UK/US line you will find Hunter and its variants. And I haven’t been able to update because I’ve been busy lately, but I’ll be adding IIIRS and other aircraft to the tree in about a month. :)


The illustration work is finished. I will add content to the text as soon as possible. :D


Nice illustrations

It reminds me of the Old TT proposals

Also here is a PC-7 operated by the Mexican Airforce

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Mexico’s PC-7 is not much different from the PC-7OE, and since there are already AT-92s and Chad’s PC-7s, no other PC-7 series will be added. :)

It could still be added as a skin for either of them

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I think the PC-7 makes little sense in any line, actually, to small the weapons options.

It’s a trainer with a bit of COIN role in some cases (Mexico, for example, where the usage of PC-7 against insurgents in 1994 led to quite a big debate in Switzerland about weapons exports), but where would it fit without being completey out of place?!?

(And this from me who grew up literally next to were they were built…)

I believe that the PC-7 is viable, in my tree I have it as an attack aircraft at rank 2 BR 2.3 since it carries 4x 7.62x51mm FN Herstal Machine Gun, bombs and rockets


I personally think any COIN/trainer aircraft made beyond 1950 should be kept away from tier 4 and roughly 4.3. Unless they are added to the heli tree or are desperately needed to fill a tree.

Unless it’s jet stuff like SK.60 of course


And yet it was only used by the Italian air force under the serial number of 32-16. The aircraft was indeed made for a sale pitch to switzerland, but no swiss pilots ever touched it as the aircraft made only a flight in switzerland for demonstration with an Italian pilot. For all it’s life time it remained in Italy under the Italian air force, so in the part were You said “It was never intended for the Italian air force”, you are actually wrong since most of the Italian new prototypes are bought by the Italian air force (just look at the MB326G and K). You cannot give the YS to this tech tree it doesn’t have a place inside it.

regarding the overall tt idea, +1, even if it seem that gaijin doesn’t like much the idea of pan nations/alliances

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Hey guys, I’ve got some bad news. There is too much text in the Suggestion and it is not uploading due to the 96,000 character limit. So I’m trying to convert the image file to imgur to make some space for the text. This will take quite some time and I can’t guarantee whether I’ll be able to update again after this update. I think this update will be the last update. :(

The update is complete!

Fokker C.IX, EFW N-20.11, Hawker Hunter T.68, and Dassault Mirage IIIRS C.70 have been added. The Hawker Hunter T.68 also performed training and interception missions, but its main mission was electronic warfare, so if electronic warfare functions are added to War Thunder, it will become a very interesting premium aircraft.


What’s a Mirage IIIRS C.70?



I know the aircraft very well (it’s AMIR, btw. MIRO is the IIIS), having been on the board of Mirage verein Buochs, a club who owns Mirage IIIRS R-2109.

I just wondered about the C.70 name…


I thought the MIRO nickname was also used for the Mirage IIIRS.
The C.70 is an upgrade to the original Mirage III(R)S with canards, RWR and countermeasure launchers.

MIRO is the official codename for the Mirage IIIS that Flugzeugwerke Emmen gave in 1966

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