ALPHA STRIKE UPDATE - post your undocumented changes here

I’ll start:

apparently some planes (I found it on my Italian Spitfire Vb / trop) now have a scale-able WEP between 101% and 110%

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Scaleable WEP has always existed (or at least for quite a while,) there was just no way to see it before. It’s one the best changes imo.

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It existed on some planes for a long time and you could see it. Did they add it to some other planes?

Well, I have never before seen it on the props I fly.

Uh this is new, it was on the dev server.

As of now it appears that you can see it on every plane that has WEP. This is especially helpful for afterburning jets as now you can easily visualize when you’re at half afterburner vs full afterburner, where before you could only confirm by checking the speed at which your fuel decreased.

IIRC this used to be a thing on every dev server, presumably some hurried attempt to get this patch out quickly has resulted in that transferring out to live. Who knows if it will remain on the live server for much longer.

I have flown planes that allowed me to run at stuff like 103% or 107% throttle for years.

the furthest ive gotten has been 101% before it just shifts to WIP. Even with full realistic controls

Off the top of my head, i know the he163 can do it. I think only early jets have it.

the J21R or j21rb cant.

Yeah, it is not a lot that can do it. I looked at a few early jets. He-162 and mig-9 late can to go 108% throttle. Yak-23 can go 112%. Meteor can get 109%

It has always existed but was never displayed and could only be used through your scrollwheel on your mouse.

It was displayed on the planes that i listed for years. If they added that display for other planes, then yeah, this is new.

Oh you mean the display where it kind of sometimes show 101% or 102%. Yeah, that existed on some planes.