Alpha Jet E discussion

Hey, couldn’t find a thread about the Alpha Jet E (French one). So I am starting one.

As of today [03/15/2024] I am having a very hard time making it work at 8.7 somehow…

The plane needs a payload way more important . It needs is real loadout with air air missile and air to ground missiles.

Which a2g missiles?

I know an ice variant for Germany was planned to have mavericks but was cancelled. Idk what France would have used.

Ye thats where I was going. If i recall correctly Alpha jets never carried guided a2g weapons.

And i find it strange that france would implement such weapon on alpha jet when to my knowledge it was exclusively a trainer aircraft in french service (something maybe not even having flare pod installed?).

Ya it was a pure trainer. I hope they do add the experimental versions with 9Ls and mavericks.

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Hey , I remember you making bug reports on the german variant. Could you confirm whenever french alpha jet carried any guided weapons or not?

The french equivalent to the AJ ICE is the AJ Lancier
So it’s basically AS30L + LGBs + flares/chaff that does not rely on CEM-1 pod

The short answer is no. The longer answer is that France did develop the MS1 for Egypt which was based on the Alpha Jet E and could carry Exocet missile and possibly Magics, but that’s all.

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Honestly, I think it just should have a lower Br. with its current loadout and it should have the Patrouille de France cammo added

The MS1 cannot carry Magic’s only the MS2 can which is what is shown in that picture

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Yeah, that was a typo

It should also have 400 kg bombs as well as possible under fuselage mounted bombs