Alleged hybrid of T-28 and KV-1

Allegedly, some prototypes of the T-28’s were testbeds for the KV-1 chassis and new cannons, but I cannot find photographic proof of this specific variant of T-28 + L-11 gun + KV1 suspension system… except for a few sketches. If anyone has more info, please coment down. To be frank I dont even know if this existed in real life image.

Bottom one, that is the T-28 with the L-11 and KV suspension.


Experimental T-28 tank with 85 mm F-39 cannon (top) and T-28, equipped with a chassis with torsion bar suspension and L-11 cannon (bottom)

If the version with torsion bar suspension and L-11 gun was real, it will be fun to use in-game.

Same thing with the flimsy little KT-28 gun:

KT-28 doesnt really do much, I would much prefer the L-11. But all depends if the vehicle existed in real life so any information on this vehicle will be apreciated!

If the prototype of T-28 (L-11)(tortion suspension) existed, would you wanna play it in game?
  • Yes, in tech tree
  • Yes, as a premium
  • Looks cool, but nah

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The T-28 had the 76-mm L-11 and F-32, and the 85-mm F-30 guns tested on it.

The only T-28 I can’t find an image of is the one with the L-11.

I would not believe such images if I were you, scrolling images of that kind let me see something like soviet hybrid of B1 and BT turret.

Yeah that is the problem, I don’t have any solid photographic proof of the T-28(L-11)'s existence.

Those are obvious, but this is possible. The T-28 was used as a testbed for KV-1 suspension and new guns.

Would be cool to have this vehicle with an actually good gun.
It was funny in WoT with a long 57mm

Yeah, L-11 has better pen compared to the L-10 or KT-28