All Vautours should be 8.3 BR

As of today, the Vautour IIA, IIN, and IIB are all in a sad state at 9.0br, and are absolutely not worth playing compared to other jets at the same BR., especially since they lost their airspawn. Currently, the only usable Vautour in game, is the Vautour IIN/Late, which is an 8.3br airraft with an interceptor spawn. Currently the IIN/Late is a decent aircraft due to the lower BR.

I currently see no reason as to why the other Vautour variants are still 9.0br, considering they fly like a bus that can go really fast. It can barely dodge Aim 9B and R3S and is quite unmanuverable. Its only real advantage is the fact it can go very fast and has 4 DEFA 30mm cannons.

These planes desperately need help and the removal of their airspawn in Update “Sons of Attila” has really made them fallen off and completely unplayable at their current BR.


Just bring back airspawn and stay at its BR.

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Even if you gave it its airspawn back, it still wouldn’t be playable at all.

If it got its bomber airspawn back, then it would still need to be dropped down to 8.7br.


I think they have that BR because of CAS in GRB.
but i heard/read something about splitting BR for planes into Air/Ground to make bombers and strikers more fair in BR in both Ground and Air battles because more often than not they are to high BR in Air or to low BR in Ground.
i don’t remember where i read that though and can’t seem to find it again.

I have never seen a Vautour in Ground RB, and i play alot 8.7-9.0

that might be the case, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to adjust BR for the possibility.

I played a lot of time with my vautours. And for me it was never a plane for ‘carrying matches’. Since as the battle rate increases, any bomber tends to be left aside in this sense.

However, for me it has always been a plane to do a safe and secure farm, away from possible stress. The fact that you fly at close to 1100km/h throw your bombs and return to the aerodrome is relaxing to say the least. And, I must say from what I saw of other players ;), they had fun committing team kills to compete for a base.

That said, for me it really has to be 9.0, but with aerial respawn. If the vautour goes to 8.3, it will simply steal any mini base from any bomber of that br, or lower, and also, it will have a great boom and zoom capability, since the 8.3 fighters would not be able to compete with the speed of the vautour. For me the idea was to just go back with aerial respawn for bombers 9.3 and below