All TOW Missiles Post Physics Rework

Why do they drop so much after launch and have to recorrect so much? There are many examples IRL from training footage, exhibitions, and combat footage of TOW missiles firing and don’t drop at all following launch. They also feel terrible to control but that goes for many other missiles too and I don’t have any evidence about that. Hope this finds the eyes of a dev who can change this to be more accurate.


Same issues with HOT missiles.


yesterday i tried out several ATGM’s in the testdrive:
as far as i can tell, only the TOW most variants that i checked including iTOW, tow2 found on a multitude of vehicles.

the Wiesel with TOW also has the added bonus that the missile goes towards a separate reticle offset from the crosshairs, making it very hard to get a hit on close targets.

also the second ATGMon the BMP1 had similar issues with accuracy.

i tested the MILAN on Marder , HOT on JPZ HOT, SS11 on both AMX-13 and JPZ, none of them had the offset at launch and then the irregular flightpath.

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Yeah the change they have done to the physics is pretty terrible compared to how the missiles fly realistically .

The TOW missiles for example should not have any drop or deviation after being fired.There is archival footage available of slow motion recordings of different TOW variants fired and none of them have the drop or deviation the missiles exhibit currently in game when launched and steered into a target .
In game the missiles behave like there is a 1-2 second delay before the rocket motor kicks in to accelerate the missile which should not be the case.


Heres my self made compilation, bunch of tow launches (no hits). rocket motor burns for 1.6sec
Also random video of tow miss, lol.