All the old posts and suggestions are just gone

I was trying to look at all the previously suggested posts for Sweden There are None to be seen. where are they? I myself took 10 weeks to write a article about the Terrängbil 42 And its straight up vaporised! up in smoke I feel like I have been forced to my knees and executed were are the articles gaijin or mods?

  • Karnitin75
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They’re still accessible but only read only (for 2 years, then deleted I suppose) – here’s yours: Terrängbil m/42 "The Coffin" - Sweden - War Thunder - Official Forum
Just need to add “old-” in front of “forum” in the URL.
I think atm we have to manually move them over ourselves, but they’re not deleted yet, dw.

well i’ll try to move mine then