All The Ammo IDs (excluding plane and ship ammo ids)

So I have noticed that there are no documentations on Vehicle Ids, no lists, no anything. All that I found Is like 10 IDs that random people posted for their mission/question. So I, using my mediocre coding skills, made a python program that scraped the CDK for the ammo IDs of ground vehicles. I won’t get into the details of how it worked, it isn’t that interesting. All The Vehicles Are Also There. You Can Use Ctrl+F to Search For The Ammo You Need.

DISCLAIMER: Not all the IDs Might be correct because of human and machine error. They might have slight errors and might not work. And Yes, I Re-checked it And Fixed Most of The Errors.

The File is 8300+ lines long btw.

Here’s The File With The IDs(Yes its just a .txt file):

War Thunder Ammo Ids.rar (14.4 KB)

thx i was looking for this btw its me malstn