All M1 Series Armor/Modeling Issues Consolidation

DU Hull Inserts are somewhat of a Red Herring on this topic, as most models of M1A1/A2 have little evidence to support. The main issue is that, along with the turrets, the AUS concurrently upgraded hulls with heavier composite compositions in the M1A1, M1A2, M1A2SEP. They did this while also reducing systems weight and improving material sciences.

I would like help consolidating clean sourcing on the following longstanding issues:

All M1 Series Tanks

Off Center Turret
Screenshot 2023-12-27 003644

Turret Ring/ Mantelet Shield
Needs to be volumetric to accurate simulate already in game visual armor thickness.
Mantelet shield implemented incorrectly.
Screenshot 2023-12-27 110243

Incorrectly Modeled Armored Fuel Tanks
The armored lining needs to entirely enclose each of the forward fuel tanks, and potentially needs a Kevlar component on the driver’s interior.

Integrated Kevlar Lining

M1A1/M1A2 Variants

Upgraded Non DU Hull Composites/ Additional Armor Insert Weight
The M1A1 Received a weight increase in its frontal hull composites, yet protection remains the same post M1IP in game.
“Frontal Protection” with improved “Turret Side Protection” is debated as terminology a lot, this reference chart clears it up.

And in line with the improved M1A1 Hull

Weight Increases

Upgraded DU Hull and Turret Inserts on the Late M1A2SEP/M1A2SEPv2

Upgraded Suspension


Best of luck, if I decide to go spelunking again and find anything I’ll be sure to forward it here.

You’re doing the lords work. Keep it up soldier!

Alas, TrickZZter has been up to his usual shenanigans with those bug report threads.

Nice catch on the turret ring being to wide in game.

Have you made a big report on this?

As a reference to the improved side armor I dug this up on NRC:

source here: Event Notification Report for November 29, 2006 |