Alecto Mk. II: The British ASU-57

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Hi everyone, today I would like to suggest light weight airborn capable SPG for the british tech tree: The Alecto Mk. II. This mobile gun based on the chassis of the Harry Hopkins light tank mounted a QF 6 pounder gun and was intended to fight in the far east against japanese tanks. Unfortunately though They only built a single prototype using the 5th alecto hull to test the concept, but the need for the SPG never materialized due to the end of the war and unlike its Mk. I sibling it was never accepted for service. Even if its historical impact is negilble, I feel that this SPG would be of value to the british tech tree, and would make a fun addition to low tier tank line ups :).png “:)”)


Vehicle history:

The need for a 6 pounder version of the Alecto Mk. I was raised in june of 1944 at the 39th tank board meeting, which requested the development of a 6 pounder equpt self propelled gun. work began on this concept in november of 1944 using the 5th pilot hull of the original series of Alectos was converted to carry a 6 pounder and sent for testing. As it was a test prototype not much exists on it, as unlike the 65 or so mk. I’s manufactured and delivared this was a one off, and the concept was not developed further after the testing concluded. Below is a good video that includes a good collection of historical photos as well as a complete overview of the development of this vehicle including the unique amphibious modifications they tested for the far east service that would have been applicable to both variants of the Alecto if it had entered service.

Vehicle specification:


The tank was equipt with a QF 6 pounder gun, and would fire all the standard ammunition that examples of this gun in the british tech tree already have.



I would really love to see this SPG in tech tree, since it is post war vehicle, hopefully it would get 6-Pdr APDS to boost its firepower, then it would be fun to take it to uptiers like ASU-57 or Alecto I. As someone who really enjoys Alecto I and British 6-Pdr equiped tank 1+ from me

Also here is some British 6-Pdr equped SPG from 1943, which is quite simular to ASU, but not enough info about it to implement it

Thats pretty cool.

Aye i have always been partial to the alecto, it is a cool little spg, just a shame it came to late to see any real service

yeah that true, there are some photos of it when they were stationed in West Germany but it is shame it did not get to see any action, many British tanks were unfortunately plagued by long developement time and many complications.

PS here is what was written about 6-pdr lil´guy on forum where I foud it

6 Pounder SP – Airborne
In April 1943 plans were drawn up for a light-weight, low profile tracked vehicle to take either the 6-pounder or the QF Mk V 75mm (a bored out 6-pounder).
It was based off a universal carrier with one less roadwheel per side, powered by a 60 hp Jeep engine with the Jeep gearbox. It would have a crew of two and carry 70 rounds of ammunition. Total length would be no longer than 4.6m, with 1.3m high, with atop speed of 64 kmph, a gun traverse of 15 degrees in either direction, elevation of 20, depression of -7.
It was designed for airborne type operations, but due to the fact that even with its tiny size it failed to fit inside the Horsa gliders, it wasn’t adopted. It was however, an extremely tiny tank!
The artillery users’ committee considered its use as a replacement for a standard 6 pounder but this was seen as unfeasible, as the 2 man crew would severely limit the gun’s rate of fire (a second carrier was suggested to carry the remainder of the crew and ammo).

Interesting, did it make it to mock up stages? as the way that reads its a tank school design session?

This is all I know about it and all pictures I found, so unfortunatelly i dont know, but it most propably ended up as paper project only.

Unfortunatelly I did not manage to find the forum I originaly found this on but I foud three websites where there is some more info about this vehicle and better quality pictures:
(those first two are very simular, but there may be some different stuff on to be found on each other)
Have a good day.
PS I am sorry to fill whole Alecto post with thing about entirely different vehicle, be it of very simular role

Interesting, i will check them out in a bit :)

I hope this one would be added in the TT. Event alecto is really fun to use so I’m hoping it would be similar in terms of gameplay.