Alcione Class,Torpedo Boat, Alcione (1941)

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In the early 30s the Regia Marina needed to replace the old destroyers used in the First World War, so he decided to build a series of Torpedo Boats that were faster to fulfill the escort and patrol tasks. 32 Torpedo boats of the Spica class were built, divided into 3 other subclasses Alcione, Climene and Perseo. The torpedo boats of the Alcione class constituted the most numerous class of the sub classes of the Spica class, the Alcione series consisted of sixteen units. The standard armament included 3 cannons of 100/47 OTO Mod. 1937, 8 Breda Mod. 31 machine guns of 13.2 mm, 4 450mm torpedo tubes and 2 depth bomb launchers. The torpedo boat Alcione was part of the 1st Torpedo Boat Squadron based in Messina which was in charge of escorting convoys to Libya and patrolling the Sicilian channel. In 1941 it was modified, the 13.2 mm machine guns were eliminated and replaced
with 8 20/65 mm cannons. The torpedo boat Alcione actively participated in the Second World War carrying out dozens of supplies to isolated or convoyed merchant ships and offensive anti-submarine research and hunting missions. I considered the 1941 updated version of this torpedo boat due to her anti-aircraft armament which is very useful during naval battles in the game.

Crew: Officers: 6 - Second Chiefs, Sergeants and Seamen: 93

Empty weight: 679 tons
Full load: 1050 tons

Length: 81,42 m
Width: 7,92 m
Full Load Draft: 2,96 m

Engine System:
2 Yarrow type boilers modified with superheaters
2 Tosi turbines with gearboxes
2 propellers
Power: 19.200 HP
Speed: 34 knots (63 km/h)

1910 miles (3074 km) at 15 knots
690 miles (1110 km) at 30 knots

3 Cannon 100/47 OTO Mod. 1937 (single systems)
8 Machine guns 20/65 mm AA Breda Mod. 1935 (4 twin systems)
4 Torpedo tubes 450 mm (4 single implants)
2 depth charge launchers
1 system for laying mines

2 - R.N. Alcione


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Both the original and refit configurations seem like great additions! +1

Love these neat torpedo craft. Really want to see the Spica-class added so that it becomes possible to at least pretend to be captaining the Swedish Romulus (ex-Spica) or Remus (ex-Astore). I do wonder whether Gaijin would choose to put them in the coastal (like Chidori) or bluewater (like the Type 24 class) sectiong though

+1 great suggestion, all the versions must be added