Albatros-class, Bussard is missing weapons

in real life the Bussard has 4 exocet missiles yet they are not operational in wt

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That is because large F&F ASM aren’t yet modeled at all.

There is no mechanic for their use in game, when these are implemented the Bustard will get them too.


Exocet well overdue. Two German boats useless + how many Aircraft?

Both of the Type 143 's ingame have the damage modules for their Exocet modelled internally, even though they’re not normally visible ingame:

So the vehicles are prepared for whenever gaijin is ready to make the missiles operational.

It does appear that they’re working in that direction, Exocet was added to the files a few months ago - but to the aircraft-weapons file section:

And in the Mobile version of the game Exocet has also been added to the files, along w/ the destroyer Type 101A " Hamburg "(D181) which will use them

( · gszabi99/War-Thunder-Mobile-Datamine@eb9acb7 · GitHub )

Since both versions of the game have shared developments( and Exocet appeared in base WT first ) it seems likely that the weapon will be introduced in a definite timeframe, and that Bussard will be one of the vehicles to receive it.


The Type 101A was Passed to Devs in Dec 23, unsurprising really considering the mobile version uses the same basic modelling.

Not so sure adding self guiding 24km operational range (and a max of 40km+) heavy AShM is a great idea atm though with no decent CIWS available as a counter They would be a menace in RB, and in AB a disaster in the making with ships just hanging out in zones for endless reloads. No doubt the snail would work around the guidance issue with a basterdised manual system that doesn’t exist Irl (it wouldn’t be the first time), cut the range down significantly, and up the reload to ridiculous lengths.

Maybe they will just arrive anyway just blowing away the competition, litterally. My lil 3.7 Bussard would be a giant killer whilst never having to even face realistic retribution.


I couldn’t justify buying the Bussard without them. Would be just another free kill like my squishy Albatross.

Neither Exocet in WT or WTM have artificial limitations on their performance applied, it 's fully functional active radar homing. It even has new codelines to exhibit sea-skimming behaviour, which corrected the overflying-the-target issue AS.34 has.

Abt guidance I think you’re referencing USS Douglas and it 's impossible RIM-24 's, that ship will likely receive self-guiding missiles in future too.
On the devserver which introduced it, it 's armament originally consisted of this:

Now that mechanics and targets for anti-radiation missiles ( example ) are being introduced in the Air modes, it 's likely that similar weapons will appear in Naval.

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Anything but - they are very good boats!

Maybe for seal clubbing? but even then more often than not 3.7 BR MM puts you up against Blue Water Destroyers not Coastal.

Code may well be hiding in the files but if they were introduced right now with full capabilities they would be a game killer as you instantly have a couple of 3.7 Coastals that would rule over everything.

With no active or passive Countermeasures available any modern style autonomous AShM is either destined to be immediately OP or forced to be dumbed down. MM38s may be old by today’s standards, but game wise they are light years ahead when naval is struggling to leave the Bigger is Better playstyle.

They suck when unboxed, but with mods they improve massively especially speed wise. Biggest improvement on my Bussard though was the update that increased from the original 80 rounds per gun, now that really was a bad boat to sail stock.

Do you really believe that they would not increase in BR after having their missiles provided.

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Snail + Logic = long distance

Of course they would go up, but with nothing to directly compare them too it’s a fools game to guess what to. But under that set of cannisters its still very much the same 3.7 hull and guns and it’s not exactly a shell eating SKR type damage model either.

How hasnt Gaijin fixed that issue on the AS-34 yet then?

No idea. Maybe they’re waiting for the more widespread availability of air-launched AShM 's to begin.

Why would you use them against destroyers ffs? do you not have multiple vessels in your line-up and take them out depending on the situation?

And at their BR they are as likely to meet others at similar BR which isn’t seal clubbing by any definition I recognise - if some schmuck chooses to bring reserve boats into a 4.0+ game that’s their problem and you can thank them for the donation!

Like every other vehicle, vessel and plane in the game ffs!

As if the Buzzard (and SKR-7) aren’t powerful enough as is.

Are we talking about the same pretty squishy, 76mm armored Motor Gun boat when we talk about the Bussard?

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Why not? Destroyers play on coastal maps?
Do I have and do I depending? yes and yes.

Do you ask pretty lame questions? also yes

How about you throw some constructive criticism or suggestions instead of attempted shade.
You’re in a kiwi guild you should act like it (ffs).

Albatros and Bussard are the last 3.7’s available in the German coastal lineup but they are rank V.
Luchs is the only 3.7 German bluewater boat (worth using).
So yeah, I have come up against destroyers in my coastal boats, who hasn’t?

“And at their BR they are as likely to meet others at similar BR which isn’t seal clubbing by any definition I recognise”
I don’t think you “recognise” things like everyone else.

^If this isn’t my seal clubbing/silver grinding lineup then I don’t know what is.^
But, sincerely, please do tell me which threatening 3.7’s I must keep an eye out for.

58% win rate, 63% top 3 rate, highest kills 16 boats 4planes
Average is about 8-10 kills
I am sure your stats are higher but I don’t care about padded stats that’s just my result of grinding for silver with my 3.7 lineup as afore mentioned.

“Like every other vehicle, vessel and plane in the game ffs!”
Your experiences are very unique, there are many vehicles I loved out the box from start to finish and others I have loathed. Some are completely useless stock some are totally manageable and the same goes for 100% crew some vehicles it doesn’t make that bigger difference others it’s life or death win or lose.
Must be one of those players who blames the vehicle and not the captain/pilot/driver.

Not true at all. Some ships and boats are very usable without mods, for example the small speed boats and SKR are very much capable of performing their tasks before grinding and just improve further. Even some of the reserve DDs can be a menace whilst in contrast others are very noticeably rough rides.

The Albatros/Bussard is simply too unmanoeuvrable in confined waters without its rudder upgrade, too slow in open water to avoid being a sitting duck vs Bluewater opposition, and without HE-VT can’t so easily pick off airborne threats.