AJS37 vs J35XS (Air RB)

Now that they are at the same BR…how do these compare? The AJS 37 gets fewer missiles, but they are full aspect while the XS is faster I believe. You can also get more flares on the AJS 37, but you have to sacrifice 2 all aspect missiles to get them I think. How do you see these two comparing at 10.7 in Air RB?


Well AJS is faster, better acceleration (I think) and better radar, also has some ground ordinance. No internal cannon though. I think both fit pretty well at 10.7

The j35 xs can be a great in air rb with 6 aim9p missiles and great turn rate at all speeds and an excellent engine. But it takes some time to learn how use the plane scince it doesn’t have a radar warning receiver and very limited countermeasures. The ajs 37 would be better for ground striking, science it is naturally a strike craft. If you want to run a gun pod and counter,ensures, you have to give up to aim 9 l’s so the j35 xs is better for air rb. If you want to get it you should either, get it when the premium packs go on sale in this sale(30% off) or wait for the summer sale(50% off)

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Both are pretty good at 10.7. The AJS37 is more flexible, as it can carry two mavericks, and two aim-9Js while having the gun pod and flare pod (although the F-5E is basically that but with two extra mavericks). It can also carry 2x Aim-9Ls along with the 2x Aim-9Js, which is also pretty neat.
The AJS37 airframe is pretty good for the BR, but can struggle against F-5Es. J35XS has a better flight performance, but has less flares (only 12, so 6 pops of flares since Gaijin refuses to allow single deployment of large caliber flares), which can greatly hinder its overall effectiveness. It also has less ammo in its gun (120 instead of 150). It does get 6 Aim-9Js instead, which is very good.