AJS37 Engine Performance

To my knowledge, which I have researched extensively, the AJS kept the same engine as the AJ37 and didn’t not receive any upgrade in that aspect, however in game the AJS out powers even the Ja37 which shouldn’t happen ever as firstly the Ja37 is lacking in engine power (and many other things) and secondly as stated previously is didn’t receive any upgrade to the engine

As shown in here the detailed upgrades to the AJ

For that reasoning I propose that gaijin take a look at all viggen variants engine power and either provide reasoning for its lack of power or correct it

I can if needed create a follow up post about the issues with the other viggen variants and what it’s missing or is made incorrectly

The RB05A was the only one of the series in service and they did have a smoke trail as that’s what the pilot used to guide them

It was guided by a flare. The Motor is smokeless, as is the guidance flare. the current ingame smoke trail is incorrect.

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Understandable though I don’t see how this is relevant to the AJS flight performance