AJS-37 at to high of a br

I have had one of the worst time spading the ajs-37. It sits at 11.3, but in my opinion should be at 10.7 or 11.0 at the max. Basically what im trying to say in this is that aim-9l’s should not make this aircraft go up a whole 1.0 br, read the rest if you want lol. Its predecessor the aj-37 sits at 10.3 and while the ajs-37 can carry aim-9L’s, realistically you can only carry 2 and then 2 aim-9j’s if you want a gun and flare/chaff, making it not all that different from the aj-37. And lets be honest all IR missile are trash in comparison to radar missiles since they all can be counter by a single flare if done correctly. Also the ja-37c is 11.0 with radar missiles, internal gun with radar sights, and internal countermeasures and is a much more fun experience. But i guess the only planes that can be that low of a BR with aim-9L’s are the ones you pay for lol.