AJS-37 and Gripen A, RB75T

Since the AGM65G was added i feel like the swedish RB75T should be added to the Gripen and Ajs-37. It is 85kg heavier then the RB75 (AGM65A) and has an explosive warhead instead of an heat. And it would actually be balanced giving it to the AJS cuz it still has the horrid tracking of the AGM65A (2-3 km)


The T variant would help a lot. Hate seeing my A variant Maverick need like 4km range to lock on (on perfectly clear maps) and then end up not doing anything. Atleast the T variant will just make sure its dead.


Gaijin: you will get what we give you and you will like it. AJS is being moved back to 11.3 because it got a decent missile for CAS

Have you made a report? It’ll be reviewed there

There is one on gaijin issues made 6 month ago and one i made 8 months ago (mine has be ignored). But the 6 month old has been acknowledged… 6 months ago tho. So it just feels a bit wierd that they diden’t add the RB75T when the AGM65G was added. So i made this post in case it was forgotten:D

Link to the post (6 month one):

Weird almost like they ignore most AJ posts, kinda like the 6 pylons the AJ should have not just the AJS.

From what i gathered the whole point of the ajs was to improve the payload of the aj37 and it’s after the ajs mod it has acces to 2 additional pylons for sidewinders (aim9ls, ect)

I don’t know if you can read swedish but basically it says/shows the payload options before and after ajs modification.

If you can link the source from where you saw the 6 pylon aj37 that would be cool and maybe prove me wrong :D

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I can read a bit of swedish but primarily Finnish and a bit of Norwegian. I have my friend whos fluent in swedish mainly to help with translating documents. English isnt my main language but im fairly fluent sometimes lol. Ill try to find the doc i read but that was at least a year or two. Gottta sift through all the junk on my pc but if i find it ill submit it

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what’s the BK thing?

also could it really not carry RB74 on the outer 2 pylons? that’s sorta weird and stupid

The BK are cluster bombs. And yes rb74 could not be carried on the wings cause of stress. Rb24j almost couldn’t be fitted but manged it, tho it was only permitted to be carried during wartime beacuse otherwise it would put too much stress on the wingtips. The JA37 can mount rb74 on the wing tips because it was ment to from the beginning. Even tho the AJS37 and JA37 look alike there were som major differences in design because of thier different roles and misson requirements.