AJ37’s “auto level flight” mode

I’ve been test flying the AJ37 in Sim Flight mode/difficulty for practice. When on “Auto Level” SAS Mode, it will put the 0° AOA bead around the donut, and makes the planes AOA 0°, being effectively level. However, watching the altitude, it proves wrong, the altitude is dropping at lower altitudes, while the higher it gains. Is this a issue with the flight model or computer, or is it a “historically accurate” thing?

it had an altitude hold mode however idk if gaijin wanted to model a wings and nose level mode or an altitude hold

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I think auto level is more about the roll of the aircraft than the pitch. But it does heavily dampen pitch.

Well, I tested it for G-loc, as it is very easy to do in delta wing aircraft. It did not affect my roll on the aircraft, holding it steady at 0° while banked 39° rightward. (Hands off the controls)