AJ37/AJS37 payload

i recently started playing air RB with the viggen, what i noticed is at 10.0 bracket, the viggen only brings 16x 120kg which needs all of them dropped at one base, this meant the player had to RTB everytime he bombed an airbase. we all know that the AJ37 viggen pylons are very limited, this caused further problems where the viggen can’t defend itself if he wants to even complete a base in one sortie. it cant even launch flares bcs the pod’s pylons are being used for another 4 120kg to complete a base.
another thing troubles me while flying viggen is the lack of Rb 04E, this thing are to target a ship, the carrier in sim EC for example, as the Rb 05A would have no to little damage to the carrier, meanwhile the RB75 would usually missed its target. (pls add it i lost a match cuz i can’t drop 16 120kg to a carrier which do little or even no damage, and the Rb05A and Rb75 is just lacking meanwhile other guy in other team can just drop some 2000lbs and much damage)

-add more payload options for AJ37/AJS37 to increase airtime for AJ37/AJS37 and prevent pilot had to RTB and re-sortie everytime it kills a base in sim EC.
-add Rb04E for AJ37/AJS37 (or even the A32A) for sea targets (sweden doesn’t have a navy so it wouldn’t hurt much)


Such as? What bomb payloads is it historically missing that they could add.

they cant add something without proof that it did carry


I mean we could get ASMs and cluster bomb dispensers but I belive that’s about it

The weapons yet to be added are:
BK 90 gliding cluster bomb dispenser
RBS 15 radar guided anti ship and INS guided air to ground missile
RB 04 radar guided anti ship missile
RB 75T (maybe, not exactly sure) IR maverick

thats it.
its just not a good aircraft

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what about the flares on F5C?

BK90 “Mjölner” (gliding cluster bombs (in game should be like the incendiary bombs, and should’ve done more damage to bases than regular HE bombs, or you can just take out battlegroups/ground convoy with ease bcs its cluster yk)) (for AJS37)
Rb04E for antiships (important in airsim EC with sea maps/ship targets such as denmark)
Rb15F for antiships (for AJS37)

image source: AJ 37 discussion thread - loadouts, specs, etc - Sweden - War Thunder - Official Forum


i forgot that i’m about to write “airsim EC” instead of “air RB” (first paragraph) , my apologies.

The game doesn’t have any cluster bombs at all, let alone gliding cluster bomb dispensers.

why not introduce one?
war thunder always evolving, just like they added those new fancy missiles that can do 180 turn in the dev server.
also the fact that they do introduce the incendiary bombs recently…
inb4 “but the bomb itself was banned from service bcs sweden signed the CCM treaty”
yes, but not withdrawn from service either.

I think its more the server technical issues of 100’s of clusters.

How are 100 bomblets different from a good bust from a GAU-8? Ballistics is ballistics.

I’d guess the gameplay implications are the bigger aspect here: Having weapons that can easily decimate not one or two, but maybe half a dozen or a dozen tanks at the same time - not sure the dedicated tankers that already now with persistence try to get a tank only mode would be very much opposed…

Currently there’s only one ASM in the form of the Kormoran, and modelled/implemented poorly. Guess they have to work much more on the ASM specific traits before they add RB05, RB15, Harpoon, Sea Eagle, Exocet,…

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“decimate […] half a dozen or a dozen tanks” is a bit of an overstatement.
it would do some danage like breaking the barrel or the tracks most of the time.

meanwhile there’ll be the f-111 with a million bombs which could ACTUALLY ruin a bunch of tanks in one bomb run

Those were added after evidence of flares shown on F-5A[C].

what i meant by battlegroups is like the one on EC maps where theres ground troops doing frontline battle (the ones with arrows), which usually composed of light APCs and some tripod SPGs if not IFVs.
and also convoy as you said not take out (kill) tanks, but will kills APC convoy. and i do suggest to not let players bring cluster bombs to mixed Ground battles; otherwise player will just bomb the spawn with cluster munitions (like they always did with conventional bombs).

I think the F-111’s max loading(for Antitank Cluster dispensers / bombs) is something like 48/26 Rockeye(CBU-100) which releases 247 Mk. 118 bomblets per dispenser (so a total of 11856 / 6422 submunitions which each penetrate 7.5" [190mm] of RHA), over an area as small as 37,500ft^2 (125ft wide by 300 deep) [38 by 91 meters].

Alternate Cluster ordnance includes the CBU-24(655 AM submunitions) and -87(202 AT/AP submunitions) and are roughly similar.

All Anti-ship missiles aren’t modelized, because there is no BR in Naval in which you can use them.

This stupid from Gaijin,… as there is some ships in other maps,… but the problem is the laziness,…

Many aircrafts are in that same problematic thing,… the most famous one being Super-Etendard, which was made in order to use AM.39 Exocet ASM.

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the RB 75T is the same as RB75 just with a higher load warhead. T stands for Tung stridsdel (Heavy warhead?). it went from 210kg to 295kg.

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