Airfield defense jet battlerating

I would like to have detailed informations about airfield defense and how it works as players can kill people on the runway while other players are killed 7km away from the airfield and sometimes it just don’t activate (not firing missiles or veak). What’s make this difference between the players who can freely fly above the airfield and those who can’t?
Is there a subscription to a premium or something like this that allow you to disable ia of the game?

There’s no premium subscription to avoid something like this. Gaijin has never done this and it would be a horrible and rude move.

Like in real life, AA systems have weaknesses that you can exploit. Roland 1 SAMs can be defeated by flying 90 degrees upwards to confuse radar signature (this will cost you some speed though). Another way which is generally safer because it won’t require that you sacrifice speed is flying at least 4000 meters above the ground. It’s hard for them to detect a plane flying at that altitude and if they manage to fire missiles at you, they always end up losing track, even if you don’t employ defensive maneuvers.

It’s the same with matches that have M247s or cannon-armed SPAAGs stationed at airfields but sometimes their guns can be more accurate if you’re flying below 4k.

So it’s not about cheating or anything, it’s whether the player knows how to utilize these weaknesses to their advantage or not.

But as for WW2 AAA in prop matches, it is entirely random and deadly. Your best bet is to fly above 5k and wait for the enemy to takeoff again and fly far enough away from the airfield so you can kill them.

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Thanks a lot for thoses advices about the AA systems at jet level.
I think I have to test more on the Roland 1 SAMs tracking and behavior and how the ai act when there is multiples target in their fire area. They seems totally ineffective to experienced pilots who know how to deal with.