Aircraft Target Lead Indicator

What happened to the targeting lead indicator when engaging aircraft with ground units in Ground Arcade battles? Only pops up occasionally, or not at all!

what vehicle?
They have a range-limit for how far away the bullets can fly and so the lead calculations disappear if the bullets won’t be able to hit the aircraft at current trajectory and speed.

Virtually any vehicle. AA, AAA, tanks. Any nation also. Range does not seem to matter.

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weird, make a bug report here with proper files, screenshots and etc.

They are crew skill dependent, better crew the further away they show up. Also, you have to have the vehicle locked or it won’t show up either.

Never had to “lock” target before. Skills are max, yet still no lead indicator at almost any range.

They may have taken away auto locking targets. If you had a lead indicator, that target was locked. That is how the system works.

Locking targets works. Something changed. Never had to do that before, and I have been playing for years.

Lock your target, and make sure it’s under like, idk, 5kms, it’s been forever since I played arcade.

I get the target lead indicator when in tanks, not when I’m playing an SPAA vehicle.