Aircraft Ordanance base bombing

Table for base bombing and amounts needed NOT MY WORK


It says these are 2018 values, are they still accurate in 2023?

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Not sure but it’s the only reference I could find. The previous one where you could update it had been taken down.
I’d use this more as aguide for the first bomb run


It’s mostly correct. 4 FAB-500s destroy a base, but you will need 8 FAB-250s, not 7.


Fully agree - a quick check proved this. A lot of TNT and explosion radius nerfs happened since 2018…

Imho successfully executed base bombing depends on:

  1. Highest BR in the match as base health is connected to BR
  2. Bombing respawning or non-respawing bases
  3. Know-how of drop sequence of different bombs sizes (like Halifax)
  4. TNT output of your bombs
  5. Small bomb bonus
  6. Experience with special stuff like mines and incendiary bombs

Example: From BR 2.7 to 4.7 you need around 0.5-0.6 tons of TNT to kill a non respawning base - and 0.8-0.9 tons of TNT for a respawning base. But if u use a hell of small bombs (like F223.3 or P 108) u might need just 40-90% of those values…

Edit: Have to wait 6 hours before i can add a “like” - fantastic…
Edit 2: Changed value of % ratio for small bomb bonus, my B7A2 kills a non-respawning base with 9x60 kg bombs even in a full uptier to 4.7 - so 0.228 tons of TNT kills a base with 0.5 tons base health…


The Ordnance Table is outdated in many aspects.
I’m currently working on a new bomb chart, which also contains quick reference loadouts, I’ve made a ton of progress over the past days. Check it out here:


Hey idk who you are but your the goat this is so helpful but for example the British buccaneer dose your chart mean It can destroy 3 and a half bases with that bomb type and how come you only show that bomb type or am I missing something again grate work very helpful

Thats right, thats precisely what i means.
I chose that bomb type because its the most weight efficient and powerful and the Buccaneer has a weight limit.

No data on incendiary bombs?

Not on this one, it’s a Older list that was abandoned, but I posted it here as I could find nothing close to the amounts needed.
Its close enough for you to have an idea of loadouts but as said, test it on a run first
ILEGIONI As soon as you post it up I’ll delete this thread mate. Only posted this as nothing was ported over from old forums.

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ILEGIONI Just realised you’ve made it so i’ll try to lock this off or delete it

Will you update it for the F-111A ?

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Well, some of them, but the 1800kg one for the Germans sometimes need two, so you can’t say one for 5.0+. Its more like 5.0 - 5.3 = 1 while on Everything from there it is 2