Aircraft need to have flairs when there are SAMS out

At least when an aircraft has a chance when it has flairs, right now it’s pointless because if the enemy team has one SAM, then your aircraft is as good as dead. So, my solution to this problem is to only have aircraft with flairs when SAM’S are out.

Fly low, fly careful, get good

the low tier spaas shoot stingers and the like, they dont care about flares once locked in the first place, the whole demand of you is unreasonable

If only that was really the case. Unfortunately they are not 100% immune to flares like they should be.

My point is that there at least 50% effective at stopping SAM’S. As long as you have a chance of reaching a target.

If AIM-9X Block II can get spoofed by flares I doubt Stingers are somehow totally immune.

wheres a video of Aim-9x II going for flares?