Aircraft mounted Browning .30cal MG - RoF

In-game the RoF of the US .30cal Browning and the British .303 are both 1000 RPM.

However I’ve read a few articles and post online that they should have a RoF of 1200 RPM like the MG 17.

Does anyone have any sources that talk about the actuall RoF?

I remember that story that a US Marine combined an aircraft Browning with a Garand stock and BAR bipod and the gun supposedly had a RoF of 1200 RPM.

It even says so on the WT WIki:

The M2/AN was two-thirds the weight of the original M1919A4 as a result of the modifications while the lighter mechanism increased the rate of fire to 1,200-1,500 rpm compared to the M1919’s 400-600 rpm.

(…) the Browning was used in a twin mount configuration offering a combined cyclic rate of 2,400 rpm.

Free fireing or synconized?

In-game, the MG 81 is still broken as well:

That only seems to be the case for the single MG 81.
I reported it once for a Ju 88 version but was turned down because I didn’t provide a source for the RoF.

Well, non-synchronized. But either would be good to know.

Oh, i dont know it, sry, but perhaps that would be an answer to the question, both is perhaps correct?

I think all guns will have a lower synchronized RoF, just due to the nature of the gun not being able to fire every now and then.

The British .303 Browning was converted to open-bolt to aid in cooling.
While this shouldn’t affect the RoF, it made the gun not suited for firing through a propellar.
It was done on the Gloster Gladiator but who knows how that affected RoF.
I head the RoF for the .50cal AN/M2 dropped from 750m/s to 300-425 RPM depending on the aircraft.

Feel free to add more information to the report.

Here is its manual in case you want to do it again:

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