Aircraft fighter guns question

Could someone explain each nations guns, what they are good at and how best to use them. Thankyou.

Also about convergence. Is your crosshair allways pointing through your planes angle of attack no matter what your gun vertical targeting distance is set to?

Each nation specializes in a certain type of air to air weapon, for example, the Americans use .50 cals quite often, while the Germans love cannons.

Essentially, there are 3 types of guns on planes

Rifle Caliber: Good for early game, like rank 1-2, not good elsewhere.

.50 cal: Heavy hitters, great for shredding fighters and planes alike.

German Cannons: Have access to Minengeschoß, a very high explosive round that will cut through planes like a heated knife through butter.

Other cannons: they are good for air to air fights, but lack Minengeshoß rounds, they still have their equivalents though.

Thanks, the purpose of my op was to get info on Swedish guns but thought just make it about all guns

In the external views (i.e. most common in arcade and realistic) you’ll get some “parallax” (best way I can describe it) error from where the camera/view is (behind and above you plane) and where the crosshair is showing, but it’s more pronounced at close range and not so much at longer ranges. For more accuracy switch to cockpit or virtual cockpit view when you’re about to shoot.

I have had a good look at this in virtual view and at 50m your cross hair is pointing below your nose till you adjust to 200m