Aircraft bomb detonations in naval

The main question is… was there any change lately? I know that dropping bombs next to ships could cause flooding when bomb exploded 1-5m away from ship. I have been trying to drop a 800kg bomb next to a ship in test flight and it does nothing like nothing at all.
To be clearI think the bombs should detonate when they hit water. but it seems like they dont do anything.

I tried it on the B7A2 Homare, its premium and can be tested, with 800kg bomb it does nothing to ships without armor, even when the bomb drops 2-3 meters aways from the ship. The tooltip says different area should be damaged, but that is in open air, not under water. I think the devs overdid the water resistance of these bombs in water, it feels like dropping rocks that do nothing now. Some time ago a very large bomb could wreck battleship even with indirect hit (bombs in the 2000kg range)

I have been trying this a bit in last 2 days and either the bomb does not detonate when it hit water or the damage does not even damage 20mm of structural steel or whatever is the worst armor in naval.

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I have to say that about month ago, I did die to aircraft bombs many times, did I die to aircraft bombing me in last 2 weeks, I dont think it happened even once. Maybe a plane got me with torpedo, but the bomb?! I know I was pissed off every time when it happened, I cant remember when it happened last time.

So either the AA is godtier and no planes can land a good hit or the bombs are d*gs**t now.

The JPN carrier aircraft testflight doesn’t have any targets w/ complex damage models, they’re all the old type w/ a simplified destroyed/survived check based on penetration instead of the compartment puncturing DM 's of player-controllable vessels.

So? what is your point here? the issue is that the bombs dont do anything to targets without any armor modeled. Do you think that battleships with serious protection would be affected more? I will try the german planes with 1800-2500kg bombs in live games today. We will see if I do any damage with indirect hits, but really the more I zhink about it, I dont think I was killed by plane in naval for about month.

Actually, there are nothing of those. This game doesn’t have shell/bomb resistance of underwater.

Test flight mode probably uses Air RB naval damage models, which is very different to proper Naval battles.

Air RB naval damage is described here: AI Ship's Damage Models - War Thunder Wiki

So if you’re comparing Naval battles with test flights, the results will be very different.

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