Aircraft at a certain tier should have flairs

All aircraft 8.0 and up need flairs because they 80% of the time get into battles with jets that have ai to air missiles. This means planes like the Tu-14T, SU-7B, and the SU-7BKL need to have flairs because the just get shot down by missiles. Look they don’t have air-to-air missiles that you can add or any other forum of air attack accept for the gun so, adding in flairs is the only fair way to counter them.

What is a flare.

Just fly faster

It doesn’t matter how fast you fly because the missile still tracks you and kills you.

You overestimate how good the early missiles are
A good hard turn is usually enough to dissuade them

I’m mainly speaking for early Soviet IR and shite like the AIM-9B though since I don’t have experience with the rest

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Not at that BR.

Aim 9B’s aren’t hard to dodge.

Try playing Japanese planes at 10.3


? Well first off they didn’t have flares IRL thus cannot get them in War Thunder.
And what 8.0 can see R-60Ms or AIM-9Ls…

Well that’s if you know that you have a missile locked on you. You can’t turn to doge something if you don’t know it there. So I’m suggesting that they just should add flairs to all aircraft 8.0 and up so at least they have a fair chance at getting to their target.The Tu-14T, SU-7B, and the SU-7BKL are perfect examples of this.

Its on you to keep up your situational awareness about you
They’re not smokeless
You just don’t get the blaring RWR warning (that’s sketchy in its own right) like you do at higher tiers

If the plane got flares on that model IRL? Add them
If not?
Then it isn’t meant to be


Keeping up your situational awareness is hard to do because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been killed by a missile that I didn’t think that they had the time to lock on. The Yak-28B is a perfect example of how a bomber should be. It doesn’t have anything that tells you that you have a missile coming but it has flares so, it can make it to a target without being shot down because you just start spamming flares when you get a certain distance from the target.

When it comes down to it I think that every Aircraft 8.0 and above needs to have flairs because it’s in a game with airplanes that have missiles. Even if they didn’t have flairs they need to be added to there’s a 80% chance of a 8.0 being in a match against an airplane with missiles. So in my opinion it’s better to add the least changing thing that would create a difference. If you have to add flairs that it historically didn’t have then so what, you did it in order to preserve fairness and I don’t think anyone would disagree with that. It’s not like you’re going to have this big uproar because you did one thing in the order of fairness.

Bro just do some manuevers. Ok it’s a bomb, but it’s not a b52 and it has 2 mig 21 engines strapped to it. Anyways, bombers were what the early or missiles were meant to hit, or could hit. Complaining that a bomber got shot down by an IR missile is like complaining about a burger having bread. As for flare implementation, if it didn’t get them irl it don’t get em in game.

Since the Spitfire Mk 24 can see missiles should it get flares? Aircraft below 9.0 don’t need them at all, and you don’t even need flares at 10.3 (excluding full uptiers)

My point is that all aircraft at B.R. 8.0 should get flairs so, then the only way to kill it would be to go in and shoot it down with your machine gun or cannons. The Yak-28B is a perfect example of this.

But why? I don’t care what nation it is. Its useless, ultimately. The only missiles worth ANYTHING even near 8.0 are those on the Premium Sea Vixen F.A.W. Mk.2, which are Firestreaks and Red Tops. Even then, those can only pull about 15-16Gs, so they are relatively easy to dodge in any regard. The other missiles are Aim-9Bs or R-3Ss/Aim-9B/R3S equivalent, which can only pull 10G, and can be easily outrun by two of the planes you mentioned above if not turned to dodge. If you are struggling to dodge these kinda missiles, you are either in a “classic” bomber (IL-28, Tu-14T, Canberra, B-57), in which case you aren’t doing much anyway so oh well, OR you are completely unaware, which is a skill issue, and not one the game needs to fix for you. Also, classic bombers usually can dodge the Aim-9B, it just takes some timing and awareness in order to be able to do so.

Just because someone is not aware does not mean they should automagically get flares. Just because someone CHOSE to play a bomber they knew may be at a disadvantage does not mean they should get flares. Aircraft that could carry flares should get flares, and aircraft that could not carry flares should not get flares. Simple as.

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I see your point. Maybe I just have learned the correct moves to make to dodge them but it has to be something that I’m not thinking of because I tried a lot of different strategies and they haven’t worked. I guess I’ll have to look this up on YouTube first before I make a new plan.

Here, Ill even give you a how to dodge video. It is old, but by far not obsolete.

Zetaris’s Video on How to Dodge missiles-

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Su-7s have enough capability to out run or out maneuver early IR missiles. In case of the bombers you mentioned you can do some sudden maneuvers(Usually rolling is enough) or you can just fly fast.

I watched the video and apparently I haven’t been maneuvering right, I been just flying in a straight line and the only thing that I’ve done right is deploying flairs because it makes it next to impossible for the missile to lock on to you. That’s if you aircraft has flairs otherwise I have to change how I’m flying.

It basically comes down to this either we have to learn how to fly so that missiles can’t lock on to you or all aircraft weather they actually had flairs or not 8.0 B.R. and above should have them.

Guess you’ll have to learn how to pull evasive manuevers against missiles. also, spell “flairs” correctly if you want anyone to take you somewhat seriously. It’s “flares”.