Air Warden


This right?


I can’t see the picture.


what about this one:

Depending on aviable payload and subsequent BR placement its either gonna be busted or useless.

That is the Dragonfly, yes. It was based on a trainer aircraft.

No, it just didn’t load the picture. However that is the one

ok I can make a suggestion on it

Yeah sure thanks

Save your energy:

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i’m not sure about this one, can it carry a gun , or a gun pod? if yes then sure why not

…this is the official code facing enemies with sandals and AK 47s without a working air defense.

So as already written in the dragonfly suggestion:

Nice job preparing the proposal, interesting equipment for COIN / asymmetric warfare - but wt is not offering this.

Ever thought about its BR? You have either a 1.0 plane just because of the speed or a Cold War II (= after 1991) plane you can shoot down with bow and arrow…

yes it can carry gun pods

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Already mentioned this, scroll up.

Looks like a funny farming aircraft which was repurposed as a trainer aircraft definitely a good plane to add to the tech tree

It’s dusty from planes😂

In all seriousness if it doesn’t have that as a skin imma be really upset


Put it in the helicopter tree, LOL. Because its only purpose would be in Ground battles.


Dusty “Jolly Wrenches”



Not gonna lie, the air warden would go crazy in Heli EC.

Dusty crophopper is that you?

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