Air tankers in sim?

Wouldn’t it be useful if there were air tankers in sim? So you can refuel without landing because sometimes you don’t use all your munitions

many aircraft in WT dont have the mid-air refuelling nozzel

While it sounds like a good idea, won’t you just be catching a missile easily when focused on trying to perform an air-refuel procedure?

The idea sounds nice but those air tankers need to go somewhere, the have way larger turning radius than the fighters.

They will be close to the front line quickly and catch a missile


It would fly over a captured point with spaa in the area

On the current maps, no, they just need to continue adding more fuel tanks (many aircraft are missing them and those that have them, are missing options, Gripen for example also had the option for wing-mounted tanks and not just centre line)

If we get larger maps, maybe. “Spawn camping” is definetly a concern though, but it depends how it’s done. It could also be a very difficult thing to get right. They still dont have carriers working, its possible to land perfectly and none of the cables to register.

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way too small maps right now. In DCS we talk about 1500x1500km maps. In Falcon4 BMS we got the enire Korean peninsula. There us room for separation. In WT all is too close

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warthunder has around 64x64 km play area.

     DCS for example.

normandy: 400 x 600 km.
sinai: The total size of the map is 1500 x 1000 km, and the detailed section is 700x700 km.
caucasus (im from abkhazia btw) is 700 x 400 km.
Marianas Map is the 1500 x 1500 you mentioned
syria: 900 x 500 km.

what id like to see is something thats around 500x500 or 600x600 altho i think that is too big

if we get this kinda sized maps, tankers will be great in them and they will have MASSIVE help.