Air Simulator : Bland, Repetitive and Reformation

Hello my friends, today I’ll be discussing about the current state of Air Simulator (mostly top tier) in War Thunder.

Air Simulator has been a neglected gamemode for the past couple of years, the apparent single man developer has stopped work and all progress has been halted (from my understanding). The already dry gameplay of Simulator has gotten much worse and especially with the addition of much modern aircraft like the F-16 ADF or MiG-29 9-13.

Air Simulator is already a gamemode full of potential but currently what War Thunder is providing for this already dying community is shameful and should be put up for question.

I’ll be making a comparison to something similar to Air Simulator (War Thunder) being Digital Combat Simulator. Currently in DCS there are a plethora of gamemodes and activities to do which makes playing less repetitive and more enjoyable, but on the other hand playing Air Simulator feels EXTREMELY repetitive and generally boring.

This could easily be fixed by giving tasks to a player (actual tasks with provide something of value) or giving players options on what to do in general. Another fix could be the addition of Aerial Refuelling which would add a level of exactment and entertainment.

My Recommended Additions:

  • Aerial Refuelling, this should be something of value giving the bandit a reason to target this vulnerable aircraft.

  • AWACS would provide crucial intel on enemy positions also giving the bandit a reason to target said vehicle.

  • Much larger maps to accommodate more modern Aircraft and their extended range.

  • Data Link would allow information sharing between the AWACS platform, allied Aircraft or Ground Radars.

  • Tasks for specific players for more engaging gameplay like bombing a enemy base, this would also require a great reward to encourage completion of tasks.

  • Providing far greater rewards compared to Air Realistic to encourage growth of the gamemode.

Since I haven’t brought attention to all issues of Air Simulator feel free to post them blow and I’ll consider adding them to the list if reasonable of course.


Remove useful actions (At least remove the cap), easier to see bases, IFF TUTORIAL - that last one is a big one for me.


I’ll make a IFF tutorial tomorrow and how to effectively use the Radar (if I can be asked), I’ll post it here when it’s done.

I have a plan to do that as well, I’m more meaning an in game tutorial that you HAVE to pass before you can go into EC7/8+, stuff with Radar, IFF, missiles, CCIP/CCRP, and all these complex mechanics

That would be nice but that would drop a lot of players, Gaijin would have to push out Simulator a lot to actually manage something like this.

Yeah, but it would also gain players, how many times have you been killed by an enemy in the past few weeks, and how many times have you been killed by a friendly, I can nearly guarantee the latter will be a bigger number.


I had some ideas for this as well over on Discussion: Sim EC Mk2 - PvE updates for the next Gen of aircraft

This subject has been brought to them for 7 years now. No meaningful change and when done its for the worse.