Air Simulation games

I think it would be time for them to start putting simulation games where you can enter with any nation on both team A and team B, what do I mean by this? That the games are the same as in realistic aerial games, where the US and other nations almost always appear vs the US and other nations. I would do this in certain jets BR only, to make it more fun to play simulation and not make players who use other nations leave the games very quickly because in many simulation games from BR 10.0 onwards that I play, players they end up leaving the game and only the players who are main US.

No, on the contrary, I (and I think many sim players more…) would prefer to see a rework of the nations setups going in the direction of more realistic, era-fitting combinations, not an even more unrealistic mix…


Easy reason. The toptier jets get heavy usamain skill optimalization. F16 is extremetly overbuffed and the MiGs get some massive nerf. F16 get G limiter remove MiGs get more weight. F16 get improved flight model MiGs get massive AoA nerf. AIM9M get better tracking and more flare resistance R73 get massive thrust vector nerf and flare resist 1 flare and the rocket go to trash. F16 get radar buff MiG29 get radar nerf. MiG29SMT the most unplayable toptier jet atm. Bad flight model (massively nerfed) bad radar (not important). And the MiGs uncontrollable with low speed after the new flight model and easy to fly under 200km/h with F16.
I have the SMT and the F16 too. The F16 1000x better after the usamain skill optimalization. And the SMT is useless, nerfed, flying brick with overnerfed r73 :D

Stop the f16 overbuff and ban the china bots, put back the normal sl/rp rate. Delete the new unrealistic and mental damaged mig flight model. And the sim population increased

totally agree with Schindibee.
Gaijin need to repair the damage already done to Sim, not make things even worse.