Air Realistic Battle with an Xbox controller

I have Xbox Series S and I’m very good at ground realistic battles. I want to add basic planes to my ground vehicle lineups but I’m having trouble aiming with the biplanes. It wobbles far too much. Does this get better as I progress? Maybe these reserve planes are just weird.

Another question - I use ‘b’ to increase power and ‘a’ to reduce, but ‘b’ goes straight to WEP and ‘a’ cuts the engine to 0% is there a better way to configure this?

I have a Logitech MX brown keyboard but my mouse stinks so I won’t be playing War Thunder with the mouse. It’s like it’s designed for a 6 year old child’s hand. I’m not saying the Series Xbox has a good controller but it’s better than all the mouses I’ve ever owned.

Any tips for aiming in ground realistic would be appreciated. I might just have to play ground arcade for a while until I get better crew skills and stuff. I was poor a few years ago so I had a PS3 and I remember I struggled with Birds Of Steel too. I rip up PC players in ground battles all the time but I’m having trouble with test flights, now that I wish to try air battles again.

Despite i use with my Series X the thrustmaster joystick in Air RB to fly - i use a mouse to look around and to use gunners manually whilst flying with jstick to evade enemy fire (so autopilot off in gunner view) - you won’t get happy with your controller.

So in opposition to the thread title Air RB you are actually looking for a stable point and click solution for flying in Ground RB - every 10$ mouse is far more accurate than your controller…

My recommendation is going to be similar to Wick’s, you’ll be better off long term getting a mid-range mouse; as you progress through the ranks, you’ll start getting access to more and more features on planes and while you technically will have access to them through the radial menu…it’s just easier to have them bound to a keyboard and mouse. Just the radars alone have like 10 or so keybinds, buttons for secondary weapon selection, turning seeker heads on and off, etc. It just gets to be a bit much for a typical xbox controller.

Maybe or maybe not. The basic Logitech mouse (M90) is very bad. Their small wireless mouse that comes in blue or red colour has better accuracy.

Yes perhaps Razer or something. I have quite big hands. The Xbox Series controller is almost too small for me, but it works. I’m concerned about the durability of these mouses because I’ve had many mouses that developed a problem in the switch. I tried a Logitech G-something once, and it broke very fast.

If I eventually have spare money I would consider some options, but it has to be comfortable and it has to ideally have replaceable switches. I know there’s a mouse with replaceable switches maybe I could ship it online. I don’t know if I’d like the size or feel. If anyone has a buyer’s guide on size and shape that would be awesome, but maybe I should just buy a Razer, and if it breaks, just go back to the durable Xbox controller :D

Dudes. I tried with my budget mouse and it’s working. It takes some brain training but I’m overall pretty happy with it. Especially for BR 1 matches. I’m using Logitech M171 which is TINY and horribly uncomfortable, but it works for now. The best thing is I don’t have to spend any more money, and I have a spare AA battery for when the battery runs out and my plane crashes lol.

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edit: looks like Razer is the best mouse brand, Logitech always dies.

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I’ve typically used logitech in the past but never wireless, i always used wired; unfortunately, logitech isn’t supported on Xbox so i’m using a Corsair mouse and Keyboard, but I’d probably get a Razer Naga for my next mouse. My hands are pretty normal sized so it’s not an issue I have to worry about and it has like 8 or 12 additional keys where your thumb rests, which can be very handy in things like top tier Air RB. Glad the switch is working for you, it’s just unbelievably easier to use a mouse than a controller for planes and really gets rid of much of the frustration.

What part of it isn’t supported? I don’t care about lighting or having 12 buttons anyway, but it seems unfair that only Windows 10/11 has support for these extra features. On desktop I use Linux (no games)

I think I was misremembering and it’s their headsets that work with playstation but not xbox, xbox only accepts specific xbox headsets…

I have the Xbox one X and use the standard controller for CAS set to the basic setting.
It’s solid for ground attacking but not so good if somebody with a full fighter set up shows. I can pull the steep dive and attack enemies from vertical. Turning off the instructor sends it all south, so I leave it on.

I did some digging around, looking at flight set ups and for GRB it seems the Mouse may well be the best option for GRB.ARB is something else entirely but that is the point. We need to control both tanks and CAS. Many with the full rig just fly.