Air RB vertical convergence bug?

I had some problems aiming in recent times and I just realized now that vertical convergence seem to be on by default and can only be turned off by putting it on on. The bullets clearly go up when convergence is set but vertical is off. If vertical is on they drop normaly after leaving the barrell.
Is that how it’s supposed to work or is this indeed a bug?
For me it looks like somewhere between the database and the engine 0s and 1s get switched.

Now that you mention it… I think you have something to report somewhere.

I’ll have to pay more attention, I’ve just been compensating, but I fire further out than my convergence so I don’t see it as much, but when I do hit convergence distance I notice something which could be similar to this.

(Also I play in Air AB and ground RB so somewhere in there it could be showing as well)

Try shooting tracers in first person. At least for me they go above the crosshair when vertical is set off.