Air RB Top BR needs a mode without radar missiles

currently its simply unplayable. You can’t spade a jet against AIM120 and similar missiles.

Some planes are also simply not made for radar missile meta. You always lose lock above the ground etc… There needs some balance. F-16, F1-15 with AIM120 are too opressive. There needs to be a mode to play jets which rely on IR missiles and guns.

I’m sick seeing AIM120 users racking up 1-2-3-4 kills with just spamming this bs missile.

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Wow, a dedicated and the best of its time BVR fighter is doing well with BVR missiles made to cement its #1 spot for years to come.

Why not? In GRB you can also uncheck Night Battles if you lack NVD equipment. Same should be possible in Air RB. Imagine flying an unspaded Phantom (or any jet without good BVR option) with two Sidewinders vs. AIM120 spammers. Its pointless.

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That won’t happen, too much work for gaijin

Dude you tried this back when the F-14 was added and got nowhere then. What makes you think this time will be different.