Air RB in props: Motivations & sharing interesting games

Placed in the Academy section for educational purposes

As wt players have different motivations to play the game, i thought it would be nice to create a thread aimed to share motivations (goals) playing prop Air RB and replay links of matches in which these goals are achieved.

If more players would like to do this, it would be great if they would follow a structure:

  1. Motivations / goals
  2. A short summary of a special game
  3. A replay link

Have in mind that replay links just work 10-14 days or until the next update.

My example:

  1. Motivations / goals

    I play wt just for fun, no grinding intentions. My sole motivation (besides daily & special tasks) is to play a “perfect” match: A very close match vs skilled opponents which are won by a mix of luck & smart decision making, preferred outnumbered as last player of my team in rathwer hopeless situations.

  2. A short summary of a special game

  • I played this match on the Op Uranus map which allowed me due to the asymmetric map design to activate an antimech order - the map layout allows you 15-20 ground kills unmolested, so usually you get there rather easy the thunderer reward and the income of the order if you manage to score the most ground kills.

  • After 7 minutes of ground pounding i won the order and my team collapsed at around 8 minutes, igot blind hunted after 9 minutes and was low, far awyy from my airfield. I had 2 rookie teammates left - and the other team had a stat padder in an il-8 (4 kills so far). My 2 teammates died as expected, but i managed to outclimb the 2 guys chasing me (1 vs 4 then) - 2 fighters, the il-8 and a Yer 2.

  • I had a clear ticket lead and climbed towards an incoming 190 in order to kill him to reduce the numbers. As the Il-8 sucks above 4 km my goal was to bait the guys chasing me above 5 km instead of killing ground units. So flying close enough in front of them in order to keep them interested, but staying outside the gun range.

  • The Il-8 stayed close enough trying to 3rd partying me, whilst i pushed the 190 lower, whilst maintaining my energy advantage as long as possible. So i kept the advantage for 4 minutes, tried to get shots - after 17 minutes i still had a large ticket lead and extended further away from my ground units with both guys still chasing me.

  • The goal was to get the Il-8 out of the fight as the 190 has no real chance vs a B7A2. The Il-8 broke off after around 18 minutes, the 190 2 km behind me, the other enemy fighter managed to kill his engine (so 1 vs 3).

  • I killed the 190 with my last ammo (21:30) whilst the Il-8 killed in the meantime various ground and ai planes, but i still had a very small ticked lead. I killed an ai I-2 with my gunner and the Il-8 ran out of fuel (24 minutes) & their bomber was on the way back to his airfield - game won against all odds. On top of that i got the thunderer & mission decider reward (each 5.000 SL).

  1. A replay link

    Replay link:
    Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

Have a good one!