AIR PLAYERS i have a question

Is the Mirage F1C-200 a good base bomber in RB. I know it can carry enough bombs to get 1 base and then some missiles however is it fast in terms of getting to bases? I want to be able to get to the base before anyone else, is it possible with the premium mirage or will i be slow and at the back of the pack. Im assuming i would gave to carry 3x 2000ib bombs.

I yearn for a day when 90% of the team isn’t trying to bomb the same 4 bases.

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Well good job it can only bomb 1 base BUT can it fast still with the payload?

It outruns anything on larger maps to the base since it easily does mach 1.2, the radar missiles are shit anyway just bring 2x 2000lb and your guaranteed 2 free kill missiles

144 SNEBs,1x 2000lb+2x Magic and u get two bases or one and 3/4 iirc.

Dont you need 5000ib to destroy a base? So closest would be 3x 2000ub?

You need 1000kg the 2x 2000lb is enough the base just kills itself if theres less than 100kg of its health remaining