Air battles

I’m begging you developers to make bombers mark bases that we will / want to bomb so no random guy who pays the game 9K dollars per day doesnt go bomb your chosen base for fun. Faster ones who choses it should have take it. since we wait almost one minute to match to start, PC or connection issues wouldnt be serious. im tired of getting into matches and waiting bases to respawn again so i can bomb one base at last 25 seconds of the current match before it ends… im so tired…

“You see sir i clicked the base on the map first, now will you kindly wait as i fly towards it in my way slower plane and maybe make it there before the enemy gains air superiority in this pvp game mode”

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if your blabbering is over, you could pass. any player who has “faster” planes could mark it on map too, right? at least i wont drop bombs meanwhile someone already has them in mid air. think of it, if you have the ability

This is exactly the reason all these “unwritten rules” that people follow when it suits them and complain when it doesnt are pointless. You should not get to control what other players can do in a game simply because you load in faster. Simple as

Dunno i dont bomb. I just find your idea silly on the grounds of how the game is built.

the first one to the base wins, its how it always is. you can call out the base you want to bomb but strike aircraft who can take them out faster will. There are other targets on the ground to go after as well if a base is killed before you get there. You can always side clime and get to 30k feet and just wait for repawns as well. Its frustrating but that is the bombers life.