Air battles with Torpedo bombers

Is there any way to ensure that you actually get some ships to blat if you pick torpedo bombers in your lineup?

I’ve tried preferred maps, always get standard domination maps over land with no ships.

Also are they any maps where you take off from and land on aircraft carriers? Do seem to recall playing one once many moons ago though my plane’s wings wouldn’t seem to fit past the carrier’s island, which was a bit baffling.

If so is there any way to ensure you get a carrier?

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I’m not aware of any way to guarantee ships within Arcade or Realistic battles.

However, carriers and ships are part of many maps in air simulator battles. Because air simulator battles work on more of a lobby system, you can sometimes (often depending on BR) find a game with a map with carriers and ships. The ships are often even part of the objective.

I do recommend practicing taking off using simulator settings in a test flight before trying in a simulator game. Many prop aircraft require using the advanced trim settings to fly acceptably. For carrier take off, binding the left and right brakes allows the engine to throttle fully while the brakes are held. Releasing the brakes initiates the take-off (Note: there are some planes that the brakes can’t hold under full throttle). The left and right brakes also help control some aircraft that veer wildly on the runway.

One final note on simulator battles is that the reward system works a little differently. Ships must be fully destroyed to get ANY reward/credit.

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Thank you for that.

Haven’t tried simulator. The planes seem to do some pretty weird things in arcade which has probably put me off from trying it. That and the thought of 12 year olds cackling as they shoot me down on their xbox…

Will give it a go though. I’m particularly looking to commit some stringbaggery.

Since you haven’t tried simulator, I can’t stress strongly enough to try it in test flights with the simulator settings. Your controls will be different, the planes fly differently, etc. Take some time getting a basic control setup that works for you with the simulator settings, as even taking off and keeping a plane in level flight in simulator can be challenging. Also, I think you have to start the engine on PC (but not PlayStation) before it’ll even let you try to take off.

I personally really enjoy air simulator battles, and find carrier operations a ton of fun. However, it’s a significantly different experience from realistic and arcade battles.

BTW, what does stringbaggery mean? Your phrasing makes me think I should want to commit some too.

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They want to do some Swordfish tomfoolery


I should hope so too. Don’t know whether it’s a usual British thing with warthunder but hardly anything really feels as though it performs.

The Swordfish on the other hand was so slow and… Well it was just the Swordfish, so I figure even the meanest spirited Brit hating dev whose wive’s boyfriend is British wouldn’t artificially hobble it. :)

Try some Air RB Matches in the early morning hours in Europe and select US and SA servers - i play plenty of Air RB matches on Pacific maps in the last weeks.

Stay around BR 3.7 and you find a lot of matches with carrier operations; all u have to do is flying a JP, US or GB plane. As i don’t play entry BRs i have zero opinion about opportunities for Swordfishs.

Btw - i see a hell of Wyverns there, but i can’t remember seeing a US BTD torpedo bomber - and on some maps the ai ships as targets have the upgraded damage model, so a torp hit is not always a kill. Same as direct hits with the JP 800kg bomb. On the other hand you can kill a Cargo ship on Iwojima with a JP 60kg bomb - and the B7A2 has 10 of them…

Maps are mainly Iwojima, New Guinea or Guadalcanal…

Hope this helps!

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…or try Naval battles. No need to grind alot for a bluewater ship at br. 3.7.

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