Aimboting or not?

Hey all,

first time posting here but I need advice on a player that I recently had on my team, we were playing arcade tanks. He got 17 kills and I got suspicious, checked few games out and it seems like he is using an aimbot however I am still not sure.

The player is called “Lieutenant_Doge” and the game where he had 17 kills is in Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

So far it does seem to me like he was aimboting, the reflexes are way too fast to even focus properly on the weak-spots. Claimed in game chat he got the kills due to using m4 with 5 second reload lol

IDK he looks like a cracked player that got lucky to me. He has also been playing for 5 years near constantly so muscle memory to target weakspots is certainly realistic. plus the Italian sherman composito that he was using has that reload speed and good stabilisation. I highly doubt that was cheating as I’ve had games of similar luck