Aim9ms are useless

I have some experince with the aim9m on the grippen. SOOOO the main proplem is that the players get used to how to dodge 9m. Same goes for fox3 missiles. After releas everytjhing is motly the strongest thing and it just takes some time until the players get used to flare them. Still most important is to flank the enemy don’t give them a sign that u launched a missiles, Cuz what can they do against something which they don’t kno it is launched on them.

so… if you can choose aim9m or aim9l you rather use the L one at top tier?

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i didnt said that just used 9l as a reference, 9l sometimes much harder to dodge 9m can be dodged with 3 flares even without changing flight path

Skill issue

Cut AB and flare once or twice.

Video? Lol this has NEVER happened to my 9Ms

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yeah, it is

what’d he say? his post was remvoed